Various Vintage Bdsm Art

Those who know a little about me are aware of my love for vintage bdsm and spanking art. I managed to built a very unique collection at Vintage Fetish Art and thought you might perhaps love to see some vintage art you never seen before, or did not know the artist. With every illustration is a link shown to the artists page where you can learn more about him or her.


Geknebelt is a German artist who started illustrating bdsm art nearly seven years ago, to indulge his  own fantasies of BDSM while mocking various fandoms/franchises like Naruto.  When he joined Deviant Art  he thought:

I’d do some Naruto erotica, with characters like Temari and Sakura and such. And then I found that a lot of people actually really liked me drawing this, and even hardcore fans of the series were becoming watchers, so I just kept doing it to entertain others as well as myself.

He was surprised to learn there were many kinksters on the platform and eventually he got asked to do commisions. Which inspired him to improve his own work and led him to put more effort into what  he was creating. So his work evolved from sketchings to  digital colouring. In time he hopes to be able to create a full-length comic about his OCs Anna and Rebecca, so  that people can purchase physical copies or digital copies.

Geknebelt is available for commissions, you can contact the artist via email and please don’t forget to visit his portfolio to view more artworks.

Valerian de Thorianie

Valerian de Thorianie studied in an art academy in Belgium in 1990. He felt inspired by  American comics such as Marvel or DC Comics but has interests in the old masters like Da Vinci, MichelAngelo, George de La Tour, Braque or Dali as well.
As he was attracted by clothes that change the light, such as leather, vinyle, rubber and latex it was obvious that his creations would be inspired by pictures and artwork from the fetish world.

Sometimes, a creative desire attracts me about a picture found on the internet and I need to re create, to borrow this picture and put my style and vision into it.

Discover more art at his website and be sure to visit the artist’s shop at Etsy as well.

Michael Manning

Throughout the years I have come across the art of Michael Manning more then once, I love his unique style, the abstract black and white mixed with organic figures and yet it leaves enough space for own imagination. Michael is an illustrator, writer, comic book artist, tattoo designer, and traditionally trained animator. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally and in the USA including a feature spot in Fantastic! The Art Of Comics And Illusion at San Francisco’s prestigious Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Michael is currently working on a collected hardcover edition of the first four volumes of his Spider Garden graphic novel series.

The artworks shown here are all available to purchase via his site, just click the link below the artwork and you will be directed to his shop where you can purchase prints and original art.

Enjoy more artwork at his website The Spider Garden and his artist page on Facebook.


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