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Pinup Art for Sale

So I went for a little browsing to discover some nice fetish related artworks for sale. Click the images to see more art and details for every auction.

Romain de Tirtoff

Leone Frollo

Hajime Sorayama

Tyson McAdoo


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Vintage Mixed

Since I have no new artists to present at the moment I thought it would be nice to share a gallery with vintage spanking and femdom art from unknown artists.


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Shades of Grey

There are some amazing photos to be found in the public domain. Some time ago I went¬† browsing and managed to put together this amazing collection, photographed by different photographers …

Photo Prints for Sale

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Bdsm prints by William Langeveld

When you are looking for bdsm photo prints, in color or black and white, be sure to check out William Langeveld’s portfolio on Society6. You can discover various prints for …

Fine Art of Bondage by Rod Meier

Various Bondage Prints

Eugene Bloomfield


Photo Books

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Will Santillo

Before focussing on photography Will Santillo worked in various creative fields, including fashion, architectural design, general contracting and programming. His photos have been exhibited in New York and Toronto. You …

Photobooks by Helmut Newton

Mishka – The Fine Art of Fetish

Art Books

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Leone Frollo

Leone Frollo¬† is an Italian comic book artist. Frollo debuted in 1948 with a western called Sui Grandi Laghi (“On Great Lakes”). From 1958 to 1968, he worked for London …

Milo Manara

Ozuma Yoko