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Vintage Shoe Fetish

Three pencil drawings, all stamped “Stacey Pattern Co.” above image, 19.7 x 17.1cm (approx. each). All with old vertical fold, minor foxing, tipped to backing. For sale via Ebay.
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High Heel Shoe Fetish by Amber Carr


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Fetish Prints from Tomi Ungerer

Recently I stumbled upon these fetish prints from Tomi Ungerer. Jean-Thomas “Tomi” Ungerer (born 28 November 1931) is a French illustrator and a writer in three languages.

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The Legacy Jacques Biederer

Ostra Studio was a photography studio in Paris that was well-known in the 1930s for producing high-quality erotic pictures of nudes and fetishistic scenes of bondage, whipping, and spanking. The studio was an offshoot of the equally famous Biederer Studio founded by Jacques (1887 – 1942) & Charles Biederer (1892 –…Read More

via Ostra Studio (Jacques and Charles Biederer) — Vintage Fetish & Fashion Photos

Fetish Prints from Carol Philips

I stumbled upon these prints I would not keep away from you. These can be purchased via the artist directly.

The Art of Sardax

In a very appropriate setting the stunning Miss Kitty Dominatrix, dressed in a bizarre outfit – part Japanese sailor suit, part latex cat-suit, bestrides her massive submissive “pissface” and pours a glass of her “wine’ into a rubber funnel held up by his mouth. Miss Kitty now co-hosts the Bitches UnleaSHEd party with Mistress Brown

via Portrait of Miss Kitty of Manchester — The Art of Sardax

Hajime Soryama

I discovered some signed and numbered artworks from Hajime Soryama that are up for sale. Click here to discover more items for sale


Recently I stumbled upon the very nice artworks of InHumanHead.
When talking to the artist he told me:

My introduction to bdsm was mainly through television, movies, comics, and video games, and at a young age I was always fascinated by the outfits, and as I taught myself how to draw, eventually drawing bondage art came naturally.

You can view more of his artworks at his portfolio at Deviant Art and follow him on Tumblr. He can also be found on FetLife

Enjoy this special collection of his art, which was created by the artist when I invited him to add his art to this site.

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