In the spring of this year, while Belinda visited Russia, she was traveling through a forested area that rather obstructed her vision, she and her little Volkswagen came to an intersection in the road; she was on a small street that intersected with a bigger street, a major street as it happened. There was no stop sign on her street, but whenever a small street intersected with a thoroughfare, the on coming cars on the major street ALWAYS had the right-of-way; this was not only true in the Russia but also in Germany, and she knew this law full well. But she decided to ignore it, hearing no on coming traffic. She did not bother to look both ways.

As she drove, not even slowing down, her VW hit an on coming car. She was uninjured, but she showed no concern for the car she hit and only got out of her car to inspect any damage to it. She found there wasn’t much; the front hood of her car was a little bent out of shape, but she was sure she could see over it easily, her tires were undamaged, and since the motor of her car was in the back, it was untouched, and she was sure she could drive it.

Her plan was to get back in her car as fast as she was able. Before that she took a quick look at the car she hit — it was her fault, and she already had two motor car collisions that were her fault; she would lose her license, and the fine was too big, so she’ll be not able to pay it! She would HAVE to spend time in jail! She could see that there was practically no damage to her car, and its occupant was obviously uninjured. But after the initial shock that the female driver of the car she hit had worn off, and she was getting out of her as fast as she could, Belinda had no time to spare. She had left the door to the driver’s door open, and she started to get in. But The driver of the other car ran: she was only a little older than Belinda, but she had been a track runner in college and could still run very fast. As the girl Belinda was in the process of sitting in her seat and closing the door, the victim of her offense ran to her, so fast.

“And just ver do you sink you are going, young lady?” The woman was not as attractive as Belinda, but she was obviously young; however, her thick glasses did very little to add to appearance. Her legs were very slender, as she was generally. Her youth was enhanced by the tying of her long brown hair into a pony tail. Her eyes were deep blue. Belinda decided she was a schoolteacher; really, she looked like one. Her stern approach, speech, and the furrowing of her brows, directed at Belinda, made the plumpish German girl feel like a naughty little schoolgirl.

She was afraid, not now of losing her license or even going to jail, but of the harsh Russian woman, now struggling with Belinda to get her door open, at which she eventually succeeded. Then she took Belinda roughly out of her little car by the left arm, and forced her against it. Meanwhile the Russian was quickly and easily removing Belinda’s thick, leather belt from her denim mini-skirt. The girl felt and saw what she was doing, and in horror knew what was going to happen.

“Bitte Sie, Frau!” Belinda’s German broke out; she was always supposed to be speaking Russian, and on the whole she was doing a fine job of it. But when she was in trouble, or experienced something unexpected, a little of her native German broke out. “Bitte, Frau! Ich–I! meant no harm! I-I did not see you! I-I thoughte mein way was clear!”

“If it vas noy your fault, girl, they vy ver you trying to go! If you ver blameless, you vould have stayed! But, you deed something that is simply NOT DONE — except by criminals! You deed not efen CHECK on my safety! You deed not efen care eef I ver alif or dead!” Meanwhile the Russian held young Belinda’s left hand firmly behind the girl’s back, making her escape impossible.

Belinda was begging — pleading: “Bitte – -please, Frau — ma’am! I BEG your pardon! I was afraid! Ich — I — did not know what to expect! Ich — I — have been in zwei — two other accidents zat were mein fault! If ich — am caught — well, I will go to JAIL! Bitte, Frau! — Please — ma’am! Don’t call the police! Ich — I have insurance! Mein in-in-insurance company will pay for all damages to you auto!

The woman said, “Geef mee your insurance information, and your drifer’s license, young girl!” Belinda instantly obeyed, and the Russian immediately put them in the pocket of her short, rather drab grey jacket.

“Was — what, are you going to do, meine Frau — ma’am?’ Belina asked; she was quite certain that the older girl would call the police.

“ZAT is none of your business girl!” came the harsh reply. The Russian woman, whose name Belinda never learned, looked around her, and was remind they were in a forested area. No one was out walking, enjoying nature, nor yet was there any traffic; in fact her own and the German girl’s car had been the only traffic she had seen. What she had in mind to do, she could do outside.

“You wil coam wit me, girl!” the Russian woman said. Belinda was beginning to show resistance; with her right arm, uncovered as it was by her white, sleeveless blouse, Belinda held on tight to the closed door but open window frame of her VW. She was now rebellious. “ICH am NICHT going anywhere with you, WEIB!’ Belinda’s reference at the end of her statement of the Russian girl’s status as mere “woman” greatle insulted her; holding the girls strong, flexible leather belt in her right hand, and doubling it over, the Russian took a strong hold on the German girl’s hair, and with her free arm grabbing hold of the college student’s waist and forced her away from her vehicle. Holding the girl’s hair tightly and painfully in one hand, the girl repeating “Au! Au!” all the while, the “schoolteacher” forced the errant girl, her head bending forcefully in the direction in which it was pulled, her head and torso doing the same, and fear and pain on her face, very rapidly across the street. The girl STILL did not know exactly what the Russian was going to do; but she had an uncomfortable feeling that she had not felt since she was a little girl.

The Russian woman was practically the plumpish but pretty German girl across the vacant avenue to make the distance the girl had to her little “Bug” greater than it would be otherwise, and Belinda’s escape would, to say the least, difficult.

The Russian bent the German over the hood of her Volga and told her, “The police would not put you in jail. You would be put in a holding cell, but I know that your family vould come to your rescue and pay ze fine. Zey may take your license from you, but zat would be for only 6 months zen you would be on ze road again. NO! I haf taken your driffer’s license And your insurance information! Be sure, young voman! You Vil be unable to drif legally anywer in zis country! And wat haappens to you I am unconcerned — after I am srogh wit you! You vil be punished by ze law of my country, perhaps! But I haf made it illegal for you to drif in Russia. But instead of jail, young girl, I vil punish you!” The Russian “schoolmarm,” as Belinda rather derogatorily referred to her, pulled up the girl’s skirt. Belinda had an odd unrelated thought as the Russian girl was pulling up her skirt — maybe to escape into the safety of her mind, forgetting, but only for an instant, the great peril she was in now.

Now the girl returned to the present reality, to what was happening to her at the moment. The Russian had already pulled up the girl’s denim skirt, then she wasted no time in pulling down Belinda’s panties. Finally the girl knew what was going on, but she still asked the Russian girl, as she pulled down her blue, silk panties.

“Bitte, Sie, Frau! Was — was are you doing! Are you going to SPANK me? Ich am ein gutes Mädchen! Ich habe nie been spanked! Bitte Sie — Please, ma’am! Don’t thrash me! Ich don’t deserve it! Besides, ich wil be ein gutes Mädchen from now on!” Belinda had been speaking Russian only for so long now — nearly two years, and she was just so frightened that her German was flawed, but she didn’t care. Now she only wanted to escape a sound whipping on her bare, plump bottom with her own belt than to show her linguistic ability.

But after Belinda’s final words of pleading the “schoolteacher” began whipping the young girl’s bare rear as hard as she could, and Belinda’s eyes were wide-open in shock and pain!

SWISH!. . . . WHOP!. . . . SWOOSH!. . . . SMACK!. . . . SWOOSH!. . . . CRRRRRACK!

“AUTSCH!!!!” Belinda yelled at the first strike of the belt on the girl’s bottom. She screamed in pain: “AUA!!!!” She decided to approach the track-girl in a different way. Her French was faulty, but since she knew it was “the language of diplomacy,” she decided to — try — to speak it to the Russian: ‘Se vous plais, Madam! Je…”

But the wronged motorist would not allow her to finish. “Silence, girl! NOW I’m going to haf to start offer because you’re JIBBERISH has made me lose my place!”

SWISH!. . . . CRACK!. . . . This swat angered the girl at first; her hands were behind her back but she managed, with great difficulty, to free it, and she began POUNDING the car over which she was bent for her belting, and she began kicking her feet, which were free, as hard as she could, trying to temporary blind the woman and maybe making her escape. But actually all she could do was throw a temper tantrum. She said “LEMME GO! BITCH! You’re not my mother! You’re not my guardian! You don’t haf se RIGHt to do zis to me! Ich wil SUE you, WEIB!”

Of course, none of this helped the big-boned, well-fed German farm-girl’s situation. Her temper tantrum resulted in the total loss of her panties, which she thoughtlessly kicked off during her tirade. The Russian gave her four or five HARD–STINGING licks to her bare bottom, and, inasmuch as the girl’s forced release of one of the Russian’s arms, the girl teacher — or student teacher, Belinda did not know — she still did not know her name! — reached over to the youthful student’s sun-blouse and tore the top of it open, folding part of it behind her back and bared her breasts (Belinda was not wearing a bra — she wanted to catch the attention of every boy or man she could!), as additional punishment. The girl’s bare bottom — her privates totally exposed, found herself almost naked except for her sleeveless T-shirt and small, brown shoes, but on top of everything else, bare breasts!

The girl could only say “Was?..” But the Russian again took hold of the bad little German’ free arm and held the both together, shoving them up to her back, and —

SWISH!. . . . CRACK!. . . . Went the belt!. . . . SWOOSH!. . . . SWAT!. . . . SWISH!. . . . WHAM!. . . . SWOOSH!. . . . THRASH!. . . .

The Russian was practically unmerciful with the belt!

Through tears the German maiden said, “Bitte Sie, Frau, wy punish-you-me so hard?!’

The Russian answered sternly but simply, as she continued to thrash the girl, “You did not efen check to see my condition! ALL you cared about was leaffing ze scene of a crime — zat YOU had committed! I could haff been seriously injured! But you deed not care! You wer going to mofe on as if you had only run offer a squrrel! ZAT iz wy I am punishing you SO fery seferely! You wil, I’ll wager, neffer again commeet such a serious crime! Perhaps,” the Russian added, “I would not haf punished you sooo seferely — or effen at all! If you had taken responsiblity for your action! But since you deed not, but meerely assumed zat I vas allright, and climbed into your “toy” to escape — vel, I zought zat physical punishment is wat you need! Allready I haff taken avay your legal right to driff — but calling ze police vill accomplish nozing to your rehabilitation! But a sound zrashing on your bare seat! ZAT is somezing you von’t forget! Besides I know you havven’t been zrast in many years!”

The girl was in pain; she was humiliated and embarrassed by her bare bottom and the sound thrashing she was getting on it, and she was shamed by her bare breasts. But even while she was sobbing, crying, screaming and yelling during her belting, the girl’s blushing face revealed a pout — at least as much as she could manage. She did not feel any remorse for what she had done, not because she was “evil” but because she was frightened, shaken up by the accident, and most importantly because she thought she had done nothing wrong: the car she hit was untended, and she could see that the driver was uninjured.

Somehow — even during her hard thrashing, Belinda was able to think of all this. She guessed; her whipping had been going on for fifteen minutes.

Belinda began begging her victim again. “Enough! Enough!” she said as respectfully as possible. “Bitte Sie, Frau! Mein bottom iss on fire! Each thrash from se belt you gif me hurs more sen se last! PLEASE, MA’AM! I’fe learned my lesson! I vil neffer again commit such an offense again! I hafe desefed ny vipping, but PLEASE! It wil help neither ov us if you injure–or cripple me!”

Belinda, that bad German girl, who would receive MANY thrashings in the future, in spite of her “adult” years, was lying; the Russian woman was thrashing the girl well, and there were many red welts–painful ones–on her bottom; but her backside was in no way bruised, there was no sign of blood, and the girl knew that she was neither injured or crippled. She just wanted the woman to stop–STOP! For God’ Sake STOP!

Few minutes later, and Belinda’s thorough thrashing ended, and she released her hands. But the girl found out her punishment was not quite over. The Russian allowed Belinda pull down her mini-skirt, but refused to give her back her panties. Belinda’s skirt was short, and when she finally sat down in her little car, with GREAT difficulty, the denim skirt only covered half her red, welt-marked bottom. To make matters worse, the Russian refused to return the girl’s rather expensive, as well as dependable, and fashionable leather belt. The girl had noticed, over the past few months that, little by little she was gaining weight, and the skirt sizes she used to buy were becoming a little uncomfortable and tight, so she had to increase the width of her by one. These dresses were a little loose, but were far more comfortable. To compensate for their looseness, Belinda bought this very brand new belt, which easily kept her skirts up and straight, and made her look more slender–even though her natural figure, with its plump, shapely, comely bottom was attractive to boys.

After it was all over, after the Russian woman had thoroughly belted the bare bottom of the young perpetrator, notwithstanding a few cars passed by, all having a clear view of the action. Then the “victim” finally gave poor Belinda her license back.

“I hope you haf learned a good lesson from dees, girl!” the Russian said to Belinda.

“Ja, ma’am!’ came the mixed response. Belinda added, “Ich deserfed effery STRAPE you gafe me!” Belinda was sobbing softly.

Then the Russian woman turned on her heel with her booty from the girl and, carefully crossing the avenue, got into her car and drove away. Even though the Russian had the German’s information, Belinda never heard from her again. Then, “hobbling” to her own slightly damaged car, got in and drove away.

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