Alexander Szekely

Alexander Szekely (1901 – 1968) was a very well-known graphic artist who worked in Budapest, Vienna and Paris between 1920 and 1940. This arstist was well know for making erotic drawings, some of which made lots of money at auctions. He also illustrated Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales in the 1960s.
During his stay in Vienna he tried to work out a career as cartoonist for caberets like ‘Der Liebe Augustin (1934) and l’ABC, directed by par Hans Margulies, between 1934 and 1937.
Between 1939 and 1964 some erotic portfolios appeared “under the counter” together with its original drawings in ink, charcoal or watercolor, sometimes captioned in German. He sometimes signed AS or Al. He illustrated texts by Ovid , François Villon , Paul Verlaine , Poe , etc., and produced many scenes of brothel and orgies.

Some of his works:
– Gemishtes Orchester – 10 variationen über ein Thema heiteres (ca 1939)
– Die Schwestern lüsternen (ca 1959)
– Der Garten des duftende Scheich Nefzaui (1966)
– Die neue Erzieherin (1967)
– Jean Veenenbos, Volks-Erotik (1968)

You can view and download art in large format and without watermark at Vintage Fetish Art.


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