Andrew James Woodyard

Andrew James Woodyard is a lifestyle male submissive and masochist that lives in the Southern California area, who is active in the Los Angeles Femdom scene. He goes by the online monikers: submissionary, roadkilraven and falconire, with edited versions of his Femdom work being found on Deviantart under the Submissionary moniker, but with unaltered (hardcore) versions only available via Fetlife.

Much of his work depicts female domination and supremacy, the idea of an inevitable matriarchal future, integration with machines, the interactions of people within virtual environments… and absolutely gigantic boobs too!
His work is based on Femdom ideas he dreams up, but many are based on actual scenes he’s participated in within the Femdom scene.

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In love with bdsm art and providing a website for everyone to enjoy bdsm art from different artists and photographers

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