Apollonia Saintclair creates stunning black and white artworks, some with a bdsm theme. You can find all of her art for sale at her portfolio at Society6. There is also a book for sale: Ink is my blood Don't forget to visit her website and discover many more art from this amazing artist. You can also follow her via these social media: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter


For Sale

  • La fausse candeur
  • Les amatrices III (Sketchwork)
  • L'après-midi d'un faune (The perfomers III) Art Print
  • L'autel de la fidélité (Elegy to a Deceased husband) Art Print
  • L'héritière texane (The Texaco girl) Art Print
  • L'apprentissage (Wrapped Around Your Finger) Art Print
  • Les liens occultes (Tied up by a long distance relationship) Art Print
  • Une Américaine à Paris (My 4th of July in Paris) Art Print
  • asc 716 - Le désir secret (True love) Art Print
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