Are you an artist making fetish/bdsm related artworks or photographs and interested in sharing your work here? There are two options to showcase your art here:

Your own page in the art index
I will create a page for you, with a bio, links to your website, shop, social media etc and of course with a gallery with your art.
Please use the contact form to sent me the info you want me to use, as for art I prefer to make my own selection. This is part of the fun for me 🙂 of course I will show you the page to approve before it will be visible for visitors.

Create an artist account
The second option is more like a additional feature, you can join this site as artist and add blogs yourself. These will be presented in the Artists Blogs and show up for the tags you used. You are welcome to add as many blogs as you like, perhaps to give insight in the creative process, inform about upcoming exhibitions or art for sale. You can count on my support to make the most out of your account here.

This is a free feature, it goes along with my goal for this site. Sharing art and knowledge on bdsm/fetish artists, make this free to view for everyone and provide artists with a well visited platform. Curious to learn more about this site? Go here

You can use the contact form below to send in your request for me to create a page for you. Want to join and be able to add blogs yourself then please register here.


Url where your art can be seen