Of course there are many options to sell your art, think about selling via Amazon or Ebay, or printing on demand services like RedBubble.
There are two options less thought of I would like to explain to you.  Take the time to look at those and decide for yourself if it will suit you.

Set up a (paid) Fan Base
There is a unique platform where artists and fans can meet, the best part is it will allow you as artist to get rewarded by your fans for the great art you create: Patreon
Nice to know perhaps is that there is a mutual benefit when you decide to sign up via this link, if your supporters pledge to you (they choose to support you financially) then the both of us get a bonus depending on the amount of paid fans you gained within 30 days after you have launched your page. The best way to get the most out of this benefit is to set up a campaign for yourself when you decide to join Patreon as creator. There are some great guidelines that might be useful in this proces:
Get your first Patrons
How to move your audience to a new platform
Five ways to grow your Fan Bas
Using social media
Community Management 101

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Sell via Auction

Are you offering prints or original sketches and paintings ? Think about selling them via auction.
Catawiki is one of the largest sites, offering new auctions every week:

  • Register for seller privileges free of charge. You can offer up as many objects as you wish with a minimum estimated value of €75.
  • Once your items and descriptions have been approved by the auction experts, they are scheduled for auction.
  • You won’t be asked to ship your items until the buyer has transferred payment. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

You can read more here (or sign up as new seller)