As artist (once registered) you have a few options to share your art:

  • Create profile with bio & link
  • Create blogposts
  • Create galleries
  • Create albums

You can use blogposts to share your art, or share info on upcoming exhibitions, art for sale. Blogs has many nice options to use, like embed galleries and albums, embed videos and ways to create different lay outs. You can edit and adjust your own blogs at any time.
* to make browsing a pleasant experience I allow only one blog to be shown in the art index, other blogs will be stored under your author profile (viewable when someone clicks your name) and under Artist’s Blogs. So please make sure you choose only the category Artist’s Blog when publishing.

As artist you get access to a real fancy gallery, with options to choose different layouts to present your art. The gallery can be included in a blog (otherwise it won’t show)

As artist you get access to the album feature. This can be useful when you want to show multiple galleries in one album. The album can be implemented in a blog using the shortcode.