Author: MisTique

In love with bdsm art and providing a website for everyone to enjoy bdsm art from different artists and photographers

Flavio di Nardo

Flavio Di Nardo was born in Switzerland in 1979. He is a photographer who uses the goal of investigating emotional ideals that are somatised in feminine,...



isoSuit is a talented artist who, as he mentiones himself, is still searching to find his own style. His artworks reveal beautiful and stunning fetish themes....


July Magazine

The new magazine was published with bdsm art from various vintage artists and a collection early fetish photos from different photographers. To see a preview (or...



Merc13 is  an established erotic artist with over 30 plus years in the field.‘Pushing the boundaries of what Erotic art is, should be and shall become.’You...



The art from Jasper, an Italian Sm Fetish Designer and Illustrator, draws you in. The lines and shaped invite you to an arousing story. You can...


June Magazine

The new magazine is available. Subjects like bondage, spanking, cross-dressing are featured, artists presented in this magazine are: Bartey, Evelyn de Morgan, E. Klem, Paul Emile...


Sushi Erotic Art

I enjoy creating art focused on the human body, sensuality, and BDSM.   Capturing these themes is important to me because of the stigmas our society has against...


Johan Swanepoel

Born and raised in South Africa, Johan Swanepoel works as a freelance photographer with a passion for fine art and studio photography. You can view more from...


Momento Mori

I was told I should give up on art and I would never be a good artist because of my color blindness.  It’s a kind of...


Edek Kredek

Unfortunetely I was unable to find information about this artist who creates stylish bdsm art. These artworks are offered for sale via Fine Art America.


MisTique’s Art Magazine

From your curator comes this brand new magazine, dedicated to vintage fetish art mainly for now. It is my intention to publish one magazine every month,...


Stefan Prince

UK born artist Stefan Prince seeks the boldest and most striking of images in his pursuit of a personal vision of erotic art. Graduating from the...