Sometimes I come across these beautiful unique artworks, the ones that show a personal touch. Like these watercolors from artist GvanSpey. He sells his art directly from his own store at Ebay, be sure to check it out and see more artworks for sale. They are original and signed artworks.Continue Reading

Gaston Smit used the aliases Georges Topfer and James Barclay. He was known for his sadomasochistic illustrations and worked for Amateur-Biblio, Curio, l’Édition Parisienne, les Éditions P. Brenet, les Éditions Prima, les éditions Jean Fort, la Librairie Artistique, la Librairie Artistique and Édition Parisienne Réunies also la Librairie Franco-Anglaise. HeContinue Reading

Born in Romania artist Nica Stefan works old skool with pencils and different color markers. He was always fascinated by fantasy art, erotic art and science fiction. He draws direct without creating a sketch first. Nica loves to draw female nudes, fantasy settings with monsters and woman, bdsm, and otherContinue Reading

Roger Benson is a contemporary artist who primarily works with pencil and paper, using traditional techniques. He works mainly in the bdsm area and the themes and styles reflected in much of his work are influenced by the decade of the 1950s. Although he was not around at that time,Continue Reading

Some artists create beautiful bdsm art and donate these to the public domain. Like artist Esef, all of these artworks can be used free or copyrights.Continue Reading

Some photographers offer great bdsm/fetish work to the public domain. These photos or art are free to download and use without restriction. Photographer Engin Akyurt created a beautiful bondage shoot. You can also follow this photographer via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.Continue Reading

1950’s vintage fetish artist with a styling of her own. Inspired by others of her time and draws from Stanton, Willie, and Bishop as highlights. Her work is in watercolor or Ink illustration as medium. A mixture of the fanciful to realism and through the ages some that was consideredContinue Reading

I am was born in 1968, I am from the UK & I know live on an island in Greece. The latest spanking artwork picture stories & updates. Bare bottom and pantie spanking pictures with schoolgirl caning scenes. Red hot bottoms and smiling spankers feature in my work, as wellContinue Reading