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Bondage Photobook for Sale

Dunkelwelten by photographer Gert Lorenz was published in 2011, the book shows 100 bondage photos in various settings. Click any of the photos to enlarge and...


FemDom Art for Sale

Two FemDom artworks from Namio Harakuwa are for sale (via auction). These are limited and signed editions.Click on the artworks to enlarge and see more details.


Adolfo Marino Ruiz

Adolfo Mariño Ruiz, also known as simply Ruiz, was born in Tampico in 1912. He studied art and architecture and drew his first comics and cartoons...


Yva Richard

Yva Richard was a company created by L. Richard and Nativa Richard. Yva Richard was one of the very first fetish producers around 1930. The company started...


Andrew James Woodyard

Andrew James Woodyard is a lifestyle male submissive and masochist that lives in the Southern California area, who is active in the Los Angeles Femdom scene....



The artist Gernot was born 1969 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, and lives and works in Landshut near Munich. When he saw a television portrait of H.R. Giger,...


Matija Vid Peček

Matija is a freelance artist, published photographer, contemporary rope artist and performer. I like to visualize myself as a creative being; a self taught photographer and...


Flavio di Nardo

Flavio Di Nardo was born in Switzerland in 1979. He is a photographer who uses the goal of investigating emotional ideals that are somatised in feminine,...



isoSuit is a talented artist who, as he mentiones himself, is still searching to find his own style. His artworks reveal beautiful and stunning fetish themes....


July Magazine

The new magazine was published with bdsm art from various vintage artists and a collection early fetish photos from different photographers. To see a preview (or...



Merc13 is  an established erotic artist with over 30 plus years in the field.‘Pushing the boundaries of what Erotic art is, should be and shall become.’You...



The art from Jasper, an Italian Sm Fetish Designer and Illustrator, draws you in. The lines and shaped invite you to an arousing story. You can...