ThR is a non-professional dutch male digital artist. His erotic work mostly shows bondage scenes, both with male and female subjects. His style varies from soft and moody to clear and full of contrast to cartoonesk. More artwork can be seen at his profile on FetLife

The Art of Sardax

In a very appropriate setting the stunning Miss Kitty Dominatrix, dressed in a bizarre outfit – part Japanese sailor suit, part latex cat-suit, bestrides her massive submissive “pissface” and pours a glass of her “wine’ into a rubber funnel held up by his mouth. Miss Kitty now co-hosts the Bitches UnleaSHEd party with Mistress Brown via…


Recently I stumbled upon the very nice artworks of InHumanHead. When talking to the artist he told me: My introduction to bdsm was mainly through television, movies, comics, and video games, and at a young age I was always fascinated by the outfits, and as I taught myself how to draw, eventually drawing bondage art…


Joergum is a German Artist, born in 1971. He began drawing when he was around 16 and came to realise he was aroused by illustrationg strict, dominant and fetishistic women. He loves to draw from his own imagination and share his art with the world wide web or hang them up on his own walls….


I was very surprised to discover this artist and his work, thanks to his lovely wife who decided to built him a website to showcase his art. The artist himself prefers to remain anonymous, please visit their website to view more artwork. All of them are available as print, some are available as oil painting

Interesting Bookcovers

Originally posted on Spanking Art:
How boring this might sound, bookcovers illustrated between 1880 and 1940 are very interesting. Especially those related to fetish, bdsm and spanking. At my facebookpage I am building on a SFW collection, here I will share the more naughty ones that are considered NSFW. Don’t forget that a lot of…

Carolyn Weltman

The art of Carolyn Weltman shows sexual interaction with respect for all genders. Her work combines sensuality with the dynamics of dominance and submission. I really invite you to browse her profile on Fine Art America and discover more of her work. Carolyn can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well. The artworks shown…