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Nath Marshall (aka TheRaggedDragon) is a Fantasy Fetish & Flagrant Artist. You can view more from this artist on his Instagram and Facebook


Cosmo Desseins

Cosmo Desseins is a French artist, with abstract lines the artist takes you on a journey. You can view more via the artist’s Instagram account, or view more on Tumblr.


Van Syl Production

Nox is a talented self taught illustrator, composer and author. Most of his skills were developed when working on Terra Aluvis, this epic fantasy story was started by Nox at the age of fourteen. The artist is available for commisions (great projects as well as …


Shaun Davis

The abstract style from this artist really does fit the fetish vibe, to my personal opinion. Shaun is available for commissions, you can contact the artist via Instagram. Word from the artist: I have been drawing since a young age, starting with aircraft, cars etc. …


Alejandro Colucci

Alejandro Colucci began his career as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer in 1990.  Since 2012 he lives in London with his wife and children,  before that he was living in Barcelona for 10 years. He is an award-winning artist and illustrated hundreds of fantasy, crime, …



DaBotz is the chosen name of an obscure Italian guy that draws pretty extreme pictures of women in pain. As far as he is concerned, said women are having a hell of a good time, but anyone can tell you that the man is an …


Frenzied Fox Prints

This female artist is located in Nashville, Tennessee. A word from the artist: I bring in a mixture of fun-loving smut! I am an erotic artist and kink enthusiast. My passion is to create sex-positive imagery to help initiate this important, yet often taboo, topic …


Bende Nüvaz

Bende Nüvaz was born and raised in Turkey and works as consultant. Without any art education the artist chooses to use traditional methods when creating art. A word from the artist: The memories, feelings and aesthetics are the main subjects for my art. Be sure …

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Sir Render Art

Robert Evans is the creator and artist behind Sir Render Art. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with the mind of a Scientist, the heart of an Artist, and the skills, attitude, and support to be both. The artist about …


Kevin Munters

Belgium artist Kevin Munters brings pinup art to a whole new level, he combines fetish with fantasy and lets you enter a strange new world. You can follow this artist via Instagram, the artist is available for commissions (contact him via instagram). Every now and …