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Books - Photo

Personae by Malou Swinnen

Malou Swinnen (Neerpelt, 1944) studied photography at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt. Since 1983 she has regularly exhibited at home and abroad. She published several intriguing photo books. To view more photos that are in this book click the photo or go …

Books - Art

Soumission by Dubigeon

This is a classic art book, one might say it’s a collectors item. Dubigeon gives free rein to his imagination using the motifs of leather, whips and the human body. Situations to which his talent gives a hyper-realistic, ambiguous dimension. An unmistakable violence mastered in …

Books - Art

Secret Art of Tom Poulton

Tom Poulton (1897–1963) was a British magazine and medical illustrator who provided artwork for a range of publications including the British Journal of Surgery and The Radio Times. After his death it was discovered that he had also secretly produced hundreds of sketches and finished …

Prints - Art

Vesselin Andreev, for sale

Vesselin Andreev is a professional artist from Bulgaria.Via his shop on Ebay he sells some bdsm artworks. Be sure to visit his shop or click the artworks below to see more details.

Prints - Art

Mr Clever Art

Mr. Clever Art uses a random artistic & eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, & dots to make up most of his Contemporary art. His artwork is quickly & covertly being scooped up by art collectors, art investors & art galleries …

Prints - Art

Nadia Vanilla

Based based in Phoenix, Arizona Nadia is a charcoal artist. She captures the intimacy that lingers in bedrooms, the events that occur behind closed doors. Visit her online shop to view more art for sale from this artist. You can also visit her website and …

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