For once I make an exception to share a artbook for sale that isn’t modern art. The text is in French, it is the classic story by the Sade with illustrations from Dubout. Published in 1976. For sale via auction.Continue Reading

Sometimes I come across these beautiful unique artworks, the ones that show a personal touch. Like these watercolors from artist GvanSpey. He sells his art directly from his own store at Ebay, be sure to check it out and see more artworks for sale. They are original and signed artworks.Continue Reading

Mr. Clever Art uses a random artistic & eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, & dots to make up most of his Contemporary art. His artwork is quickly & covertly being scooped up by art collectors, art investors & art galleries around the world. “Creativinn Magazine-Italy”Continue Reading

Based based in Phoenix, Arizona Nadia is a charcoal artist. She captures the intimacy that lingers in bedrooms, the events that occur behind closed doors. Visit her online shop to view more art for sale from this artist. You can also visit her website and follow Nadia on Facebook. BelowContinue Reading