Chateau (Signed with – “Kiev, april 2021, Ruslan Lobanov”) is considered to be Lobanov’s masterpiece with which he made his big breakthrough. Ukrainian Ruslan Lobanov is one of the most influential artists in Eastern Europe. Photographing female nudes in black and white, he draws his inspiration from cinema and fashionContinue Reading

Sorayama’s book contains very explicit material and is definitely only suitable for adults. His erotic, futuristic and hyper-realistic illustrations explore a terrain that would be impossible to realise in photography. Only Master Sorayama, endowed with boundless imagination, uses pencil, brush, acrylic paint and airbrush gun in this way. And theContinue Reading

From your curator comes this brand new magazine, dedicated to vintage fetish art mainly for now. It is my intention to publish one magazine every month, and perhaps every now and then some special issues dedicated to certain subjects related to bdsm, of course with the focus on art. YouContinue Reading

Tim Brandt tells about his journey into art:Many moons ago I did graduate college with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. But life took me down another path and I never really did anything professionally with this degree in the art world. I harbor no regrets for that happening. ItContinue Reading

When I came across the art of Brian Vox I was stunned by it strong impression, the mixture between fantasy, darkness and sexuality is breathtaking. Or as the artist himself describes it: My art works best when it makes a person feel sexy. When they can claim their sexy sideContinue Reading

Sometimes I come across these beautiful unique artworks, the ones that show a personal touch. Like these watercolors from artist GvanSpey.He sells his art directly from his own store at Ebay, be sure to check it out and see all artworks for sale. They are original and signed artworks.The collectionContinue Reading