As a professional artist in Portland, OR, I received a B.F.A. from Parson’s School of Design, primarily known for my paintings depicting the area’s urban landmarks, particularly Portland’s many bridges. Currently, I am creating figurative, erotic, and kinky works that focus on color. The subjects in each of the paintings, occasionally, some were posed and lit with red and blue floodlights, and some in natural light. It is fascinating how this lighting brings out each subject’s emotional undertones, allowing their natures to rise to the surface. My technique mimics the old masters but embraces a contemporary sensibility and ambiance through careful and expressive brushstrokes.

In the erotic art world, I’ve been very excited to meet other erotic artists, kinky, fetish, and erotically minded people. I was a co-host of the Live Art Figure Drawing series at L ALAN ARTS PROJECT @ the CATALYST ART & CULTURAL SPACE. It is a monthly figure drawing session, with two models in variety of poses. I see figurative works and erotic art as a way to create paintings portraying our thoughts and feelings and create the erotic atmosphere in their environments. I’ve displayed my art at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival; Dirty Detroit; Nude Night Tampa; Nude Night Orlando; the COHO Theater for the Come Inside 2018, a sex & culture Theater Festival organized by Dance Naked Production; London Erotic Art 2019; PDXSanctuary; Club Sesso; Club Privata; and at the Catalyst: a sex-positive place.

Part of the shift in my artistic focus is about exploring my own sexuality through my art. Accordingly, I’ve created sexual works reflecting both kinky and/or fantasy-based poses and classical cuddling and kissing poses. Artists have old habits and I need to get out from under mine, both the mechanical and the money-related, I need to use art and create paintings as a tool to utilize my sexual nature – areas of my life that need sexuality without the baggage. For me, art is a real exploration of my inner self. My art range from portraits faces, to full figures, to couples in tender moments, or kinky play scenarios. The portraits of couples reveal moments of affection – glimpses into the intimacy that the subjects feel. They lean into one another and connect. Foreplay stimulates both partners’ sexuality, lowers inhibitions and increases emotional intimacy between partners, and implies a certain level of confidence and trust between the partners.

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