To help you make the most of your account here there are some tips on how to adjust your profile, create galleries, add blogs. Click the tabs below to view the faq. If you need any help be sure to contact me

Dare to be Creative

As artist you are granted access to various options which enable you to show and share your art in many different ways. Not only do you get a fast loading gallery, with different layouts and options to add text and links to your art, you get the best of the best when blogging about your art. Be sure to try out various options, and don't worry if it did not work out as you want to. You can adjust at all times, or delete your post and create a new one.

The faq below is a small explanation which will help you get started, if you need help be sure to contact me I would be more then happy to assist you.


To change your profile go to Profile (via menu at the top, just click edit profile, this will lead you to the admin dashboard)

  • Choose your default edit for blogs (classic will also allow you to use advanced widgets, blocks is also a visual editor with many different options)
  • Select if you want the visual editor for blogs on or off
  • Change colors for your dashboard (only visible for you)
  • Enable or disable keyboard shortcuts to edit your blogs
  • Choose your site language
  • The name fields  can be edited, to edit your username contact the site owner
  • Choose which name you want to be seen by visitors
  • Email field allows you to add a different mailadres
  • Url allows you to add url to your site, shop or social media, only add urls that show your art
  • Biographical info allows you to tell some more about yourself
  • Profile picture allows you to show an avatar
  • New Password gives you the option to change your password

Add Blog

  • Click +New on the left corner
  • Click Post
  • A visual editor is opened automatically, you can add your text and media.
    Do you want to create a more advanced blog? Try using the Page builder, it has built in widgets, more options to create your own lay out.
  • Please make sure you add your blog to Category 'Artists Blogs' (and no other category)
  • Add tags
  • Add featured image
  • Click Submit for Review (to avoid abuse this is necessary). Artists who earned their credits can get a different status and publish directly

(You can ignore Ebay feeds,  if you are an artist selling through Ebaybe sure to contact me so we can make sure you are able to add these yourself)

If you need help be sure to contact me. I would be more then happy to help you out.



Add/Implement Gallery

Use builtin Gallery
When the editor is opened select 'Add Media'
A popup will open with access to the media files.
Select create gallery on the left, upload your art , select uploaded art and click create new gallery.
You have a few options that appear on the right. You can ignore the 'Link to' since your art will open in a nice image viewer automatically.
Choose the columns you want to use in your gallery, and choose the size for the thumbnails.
Click insert gallery, you can see the preview. Want to make changes? Click once on the gallery, a edit pencil will appear.

Use FooGallery
If you want to create galleries using FooGallery then the best way is to create a gallery in a second browser, or start creating a gallery before you built your blog.
On the top left you see +New, select Gallery to open FooGallery.
Add media (you can upload at the same time) and select gallery options, or just settle for Responsive which is a great gallery.
If you want your art to be shown in a popup then you can ignore 'Link to'
When you want your images to be linked to for example a page where your art can be purchased then select 'Custom link' and add your url.
Please be aware that visitors like to view art on this site, if they get redirected often they lose interest.

When ready building your gallery select 'Submit for Review' (it will store your gallery)

To implement your FooGallery in your blog you have two options:

- copy and paste gallery shortcode into the blog editor
- when using the page builder select widget FooGallery and select your own gallery.


Embed Videos

Perhaps you like to share a video of your creative process. The video needs to be uploaded to a platform like Youtube. Go to your video, choose 'share' and see if there is a embed option.
Copy and paste this code into your blog.
The other option is to go to Add Media (when editing a blog) and select Insert Url
It will recognize the platform you are using (not all are supported) and create an embed video into your blogpost.

You can do the same when using the page builder, select widget and choose Video.