Jean Puyal

Jean Puyal is a Spanish artist and veteran in the comic domain. He studied in the Center of Art and Design in his native city, Barcelona, where he was born in 1936. The city has always been prominent for its publishing activity, and he began his career (in 1958) as a freelance artist, drawing in publications for girls and illustrating books for juvenile readers. First in Bruguera (1960), then in Creaciones Editoriales (1961) and Bardon Art. For more than 30 years this artist worked for the main British magazines: Valentine, Debbie, Tammy and Star. Later on, his expertise in figure drawing brought him to specialize in the erotic subject.
He introduced himself in the “fetish” domain, and, for ten years illustrated for London’s Swish magazine, the publisher of “Madame in a world of fantasy”. After the disappearance of “Madame iwf” he has been drawing for numerous “petticoat” books, and other series of “trans” type for S. Thomas.
Nowadays he continues working in similar topics for publishers and collectors in the United States, alternating between drawings in ink and color.
You can learn more about this artist at his website


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