Laurent Lebeau

Laurent Lebau is born in December 1965 at Bagnols Sur Cèze (South France) and he found his vocation for artistic career since his childwood.
He never hide his intensive passion for Female Dominance which came early in his teenage and finally. Laurent really became free lancer artist current 1993 when he contributed with Muire Reform Academy publications based in Hereford England. He created many black and white illustrations and comics which met a nice little success.
He left the European continent for his very first time in 1993 when the well renamed fetish fashion designer Versatile Fashion invited him to go in California. Laurent was a part as stylist and created many Dominatrix outfit designs.
Little by little, the artist acquiered many other free lance agreements with several Fetish BDSM Magazines. It is not surprising to have seen some of his work on U.S paper publications as EIDOS, or again Bizarre… Of course, he kept free lancing for European Magazines as well.
The French artist loves to create! We mostly know him as an Illustrator for the Femdom scene. But Laurent also write, create designs, create art deco and it’s not so surprising he was called to decorate a huge Night Club in Belgium and co-decorate a BDSM club in Bangkok.
You can view a lot more really great artworks at his website, you can also find this artist on Facebook and Twitter

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