There is a community connected to this site. Art lovers, artists, photographers, models and kinksters can connect with each other.

As member you have your own account, you can share info about yourself via your profile, add a gallery (of course solely with your own art or works from the public domain), write blogs, connect with other members and last but not least....view activity feed and see new updates from this site as well as members in your activity feed.

It is not only for artists but of course it offers artists a way to share their art with a community that is into bdsm art.

What are the common rules for this community?
Be respectful to other members, respect when someone does not want to connect with you, respect copyrights and don't upload texts, art, photos, videos that is not yours or is not in the public domain.

What are the rules for my profile picture and cover photo?
- make sure you respect copyrights. Don't use art or photos that are not yours, or are not in the public domain
- don't upload too explicit photos of fetish/sexual engagements.

What are the rules for uploading art/photos?
- it was either created by you or you are the model
- don't share explicit, private fetish photos or porn, FetLife is a more suitable platform for this
- don't upload art you 'found on the world wide web', if in need of nice things to share visit Pixabay. All art you find there is free to use and share
- be sure to check if vintage art/photos are in the public domain before uploading

What are the rules for writing blogs?
- write in English
- share your own text, don't use text that belongs to someone else
- you may write journals, poetry, blogs about art/artists/photographers (as long as you respect copyrights) or stories (fetish related)

I want to share a video, why is this not possible?
You can only share videos through embedded files. This website is brought to you for free, same goes for the community and I pay for hosting fees myself. Uploading videos would take up too much data and storage.

Can I delete my account?
Yes you can so via your profile

I love what you are doing here, how can I support?
You can make a donation of your choice via Paypal, should you want to pay via banktransfer please contact me, you can sent a private message to @MisTique