Punishment Park – The See-Sore

January 13, 2019 in MembersBlogs

Punishment Park on See-Sore.

Meanwhile back at Punishment Park on the See-Sore ride the 2 girls have had their short removed today for some good bare bottom strapping and paddling. The world spanking championship spankers from France & Germany are here to have a go. Lets see what happens to the girls when things get going. The other spankees are already holding some canes ready to get involved. A nice afternoons caning maybe on the cards.

For more pictures from The Punishment Park Series and 1000’s of others :


a good caning tied down schoolgirls

The Kanes

January 3, 2019 in MembersBlogs

Mr & Mrs Kanes are back. The spanking, caning couple who love red stinging bare bottoms. in a special room for caning where no one can here you scream. Two lovely saddle stand make the perfect caning benches, perfect height for swishing a cane, paddle, strap,crop or whip down and across a nice little bare butt. These two young ladies were conned into room and dressed up by Mr & Mrs Kanes, then shackled down for some nice red stinging bare bottom games in the afternoon. I bet they wish they had never met Mr & Mrs Kanes.

a good caning tied down schoolgirls

This is one of the selections from 2019 from the many stories inside the members area only available at

spanking 2019

Spanking New Year

December 31, 2018 in MembersBlogs

A very happy spanking 2019 to everyone in the art world.spanking 2019

Fore more spanking New Year’s Eve Pictures
Click Here

Christmas Spankings

December 21, 2018 in Blogs, MembersBlogs

Christmas present & past, a gift for this Christmas. A Christmas day morning caning and a game of Monopoly, “Bad Girls Edition”. This is the present. Wonder what gifts are under the tree in this spanking house. There are already a few spanking devices on the rack bolted to the wall and a wonderful new big shiny and comfortable pillow to lay across & get that bottom in the right place for a good caning or strapping. In the next set maybe we will find out. This story will be updated in the members area, where you can see her cute striped red hot Christmas bottom.

Christmas Spankings

Merry Christmas

December 18, 2018 in Blogs, MembersBlogs

A very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Are you excited by the idea of Christmas Holiday spankings ? This year I am going to do a few different spanking scenes with a seasonal touch. This one s is a classic Shopping Mall Santa Spanking. Has she been naughty or nice ? Is she a member of staff staying late just to and sit on Santa’s knee, only to find out she can go across it if she is a bit naughty. The nice leather pants have a little to much protection if you ask me, wonder how hot her little bottom is getting under those.. I do hope those pants come down. Maybe she will return.


December 10, 2018 in Artists

I am was born in 1968, I am from the UK & I know live on an island in Greece.

The latest spanking artwork picture stories & updates.
Bare bottom and pantie spanking pictures with schoolgirl caning scenes. Red hot bottoms and smiling spankers feature in my work, as well as facial expressions. Most of the girls seem to enjoy being smacked, whipped and caned. The idea of punishing a girl is not so exciting if they don't enjoy it a little. Some pictures do have naughty girls with red bottom cheeks from punishment scenarios.

This is a time consuming & takes ages to get the right picture, but when it works it works well. All created using Daz 3D Studio software and my warped, twisted imagination. Some drawings can be done in a day some take weeks and are ongoing. I am also available for private commissions for personal collectors & illustrations for magazines/ books/ websites etc.

The stories of naughty girls and boys in a whimsical set of spanking scenarios and scenes that i have dreamed up over the years. Hot red bottoms feature a lot in the pictures from light spankings to hard caning or the use of a whip. Ongoing scenes like Punishment Park, where girls are sent to carnival where all the rides are spanking related. Inside the main members section the galleries also include some animation gif's and some pictures from other artists. The site is split into section with a series about a a place where spanking is a normal way of life "Spankford" (A bit like the Stepford Wives). There is also a section on boys who get dressed up like girls (some voluntary, some forced). "Sissyboy Spanking". Upstairs in Uncles attic in a little dress and panties for a good smacking over his knee for fun or just punishment.

The galleries in the site are designed as photo stories, without text. You can make up your own idea about what is happening. The characters are all over 18 and the graphics have got better as technology has moved forward. I use Daz3D and Photoshop to create and render the images. Some single images can take up to 5-8 hours to render after i have set the original picture up. Then they have all the post work done and that can take hours as well. If you have any ideas or scenes and scenarios please let me know via my contact page. I am also looking for spanking, BDSM artists to add to the gallery inside the members area if you have over 100 origial pieces of your own artwork and you wish to have them displayed inside spankred3d them also contact me I will give all artists FREE admission to the members section plus a spankred email address.


Get ARoom

November 28, 2018 in Blogs, MembersBlogs

Hotel rooms for spanking fun and games. Did you know the lady at the bar in the cute dress is hiding a red hot bottom under that dress.  Spanking hotel room scenes, love them. This is a good strapping in lingerie. Stockings, suspenders and those cute panties.

Happy Spanks Giving

Happy Thanks Giving

November 23, 2018 in Blogs, MembersBlogs

Happy Spanks Giving

Spanks Giving

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