Artist Name:
Franziska Extasy
I'm Roberta, I have been working in the world of interior decoration and illustration for over twenty years. I'm showing you an alternative production of erotic images, originally conceived by me to be drawings on paper. In 2018 I created an account on Instagram @franziska_extasy where I put sketches based by the fantasy world of Franziska, my blonde creature.After many encouragement of friends and my most devoted followers, I decided to portray Franziska in color, on canvas, in the most varied surreal concerns. The viewer is encouraged to discover new aspects of spicy living, away from the greyness, monotony and lack of dignity that commercial pornography brings with it, which has little or nothing of artistic, human and creative.You're welcome to enter in the colorful magic journey with Franziska and his lovers;) rolla-six
Italy (Italia)