My name is Saagen, but I go by Sage for short. My middle name is Rayne.

I grew up on a farm in the hills of Creemore, Ontario, Canada. I am self taught artist who enjoys drawing dark subjects. Some of my favourite themes are BDSM, Fetish, Biomech, Skulls, Macabre, Horror and Fantasy. I try to incorporate multiple themes into my work. For the past year I’ve moved my work to a digital format. A lot of my work I complete using my IPad and Procreate.

I enjoy reading comic books and collecting statues. I enjoy playing video games and watching documentaries and movies. I enjoy fitness and try to incorporate it into my day to day life. I enjoy the outdoors, either camping, hiking or jumping on my bike and going for a ride.

I promote my work online and by vending at events. Whether it be fetish events, comic conventions or a local market. I currently live in Barrie with my partner Morgan and our English Mastiff Wulfgar.

If you enjoy my work and want to follow me, you can do so via my Social Media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and FetLife.

Like to buy my art? Be sure to check out my shop.

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In love with bdsm art and providing a website for everyone to enjoy bdsm art from different artists and photographers

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