Robert Evans is the creator and artist behind Sir Render Art. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with the mind of a Scientist, the heart of an Artist, and the skills, attitude, and support to be both.
The artist about his art:
My work is about wavelength/perception, vibration/emotion, and effects/action.  In my perception and understanding of the way the world works, these have the same meaning whether you look at them scientifically or spiritually.  The human body, mind, and all the complex interactions between them have always been a mystery and a source of inspiration for me. I have pursued this passion both at a professionally scientific level concentrating on human biology, and an artistic level concentrating on figurative art.
In a time where self love has to be learned rather than naturally recognized (due to the socially made up definition of the perfect body), I guide those viewing my work to appreciate the body positive highlights and darkness we all have within us. I enjoy capturing a moment in time that my viewers can reflect on with positive feelings and depth of emotion. By the use of light and dark blended tones, and precisely executed negative space I beckons the viewer to experience more of the subject's scenario. I attempt to pull the viewer inward by what is being projected outward, getting a glimpse of the subject's state of mind and being.
Every one has light and darkness inside them that defines who they are.  We all work within these confines of who we are to express what we wish to be.
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Robert is also available for commissions.
Many of his artworks are available as print, be sure to check his website if you are interested.