Stormhead is a born artist in areas such as painting, drawing, photography based in Lisbon. In collaboration with some bdsm web magazines and with writers to create some illustrations for their erotic novels.

Note from the artist:

It is fun but also very enlightening of life options that had never occurred to me or even understood, in fetlife we ​​come across people who, on a daily basis, l never realize the emotional wealth they carry, probably at another stage I will be able to enrich my art in a way more emotionally … like a poem.

One of his favorite artists is Bruno Schulz. I am delighted to present some of his FemDom art here. More can be seen on his FetLife account.
There is also a FanZine available, for more info go here.

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In love with bdsm art and providing a website for everyone to enjoy bdsm art from different artists and photographers

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