Jean Paul Four is a French photographer living in the city of Lyon who’s been working in the industry since 1978. He did advertising, fashion, glamour, commercial, and artistic work. It is his personal work that really drives him though. This is where he feels totally in command, artistically speaking,See More

Alberto Santos Bellido is a painter, Video & Multimedia Designer, Theatre Production and Lighting Designer, Photographer and craftsman of all things visual. He studied video production, multimedia and lighting design in London and Bristol and has worked as a lighting designer, touring technician, publicity designer and video producer for theatreSee More

Andy Metal is passionately fond of photography and the human nature attracts him.He likes to capture expression, something special in a face or an attitude, in short the “message” of a person or a group. His strongest tribute goes to women, they never stop seducing him. Be sure to website,See More

Unfortunetely the website from this photographer is no longer active and I could not find him on the web.