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Bdsm Art for Sale

A new collection bdsm art for sale via auction. Click the images to view in larger format and see details for the auction.

Books - Art

Glamour Magazine

Volumes 6-13 of Glamour International. Filled with illustrations by the greatest erotic artists Serpieri, Crepax, Dave Steven, Moebius, Manara For sale via auction.


Sofia Zuluaga

Sofia Zuluaga, Bogota, 1989. Her works have been exhibited in the United States, UK, Mexico, Italy and Spain, and have been selected as finalists in internationally renowned art competitions such as Figurativas and ModPortrait. Moreover, her works have been exhibited in several museums including Museo …

Artists Featured

Christoper B Mooney

As a professional artist in Portland, OR, I received a B.F.A. from Parson’s School of Design, primarily known for my paintings depicting the area’s urban landmarks, particularly Portland’s many bridges. Currently, I am creating figurative, erotic, and kinky works that focus on color. The subjects …



Praetorian85 is (as he mentions himself) ‘a thirty-something artist and writer from northern Europe, trying to explore the beauty in all its forms and make ends meet at the same time. Lover of rope aesthetic and primal things.’ You can view more of his artwork …



Nath Marshall (aka TheRaggedDragon) is a Fantasy Fetish & Flagrant Artist. You can view more from this artist on his Instagram and Facebook


Thomas Schmitt

Thomas Schmitt was born in Mannheim (Germany). The females he draws are mostly provocative and self confident, sometines shy and tender. His art speaks its own language, I think you either feel connected to it or not. Thomas is also connected to this website, view …


DDM Photo

DDMfoto lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands He is an axperimental Artist and Photographer with a passion for sensual images. This Dutch photographer captures woman as they are, no models but every day females posed and show their beauty. You can discover more from …

Featured Photographers

Andy York

Sensuality mixed with fantasy, Andy York creates unique artworks. The artist about himself: My interest in photography started as a hobby in my teens until the 1990’s when it became my career. My big passion is Fine Art Photography. Particularly romantic, ethereal and gothic style …


Erik Bolding

Erik Bolding started photographing in 1984, not just landscapes but he tried to captured everything that caught his eye. He was able to turn something negative (losing a job) into something positive when he started to specialise in portrait photography. It took him some time …