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Michel Charles

Photographer in Marseille, Paris and then Lyon, Michel Charles has definitively returned to Marseille. Since my French is not that good I was unable to make a proper translation, find a bio (in French) here.


Harald W

* Rest in peace HaraldW, and thank you so much for your inspiring artworks. Harald’s page with art is kept online by his family and friends, to view more click here *


Jean Paul Four

Jean Paul Four is a French photographer living in the city of Lyon who’s been working in the industry since 1978. He did advertising, fashion, glamour, commercial, and artistic work. It is his personal work that really drives him though. This is where he feels …


Manuela Hames

Manuela Hames ia a Belgian artist, she studied studied plastic art in Verviers. Her painting technique is similar to pointillism. The ubjects she paints are always feminine with roundness and voluptuousness. Each piece is the fragment of a story that leaves the viewer the pleasure …