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It is amazing to see how some black lines on a white canvas can have such strong, erotic and sensual impressions. Tillinghast (Eric York) has the ability to seduce you with his artwork without the use of colors, but with strong impressions, femme fatales and …

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Maria Marcu – PopArt

Maria Marcu was born in 1977 in Romania. She lives there together with her husband (who is a writer). Maria graduated from the University of Biology (ecology specialty) in 1999 but worked in radio and advertising until 2007. 10 years ago she started painting erotic …

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When I came across the art of Brian Vox I was stunned by it strong impression, the mixture between fantasy, darkness and sexuality is breathtaking. Or as the artist himself describes it: My art works best when it makes a person feel sexy. When they …


Alexander Ivanov

Discover more photos and creative art from Alexander Ivanov at his portfolio at Pixabay, you can also find him at VK. Enjoy this small, but nice, portfolio. All photos are free to download, see the provided link below each photo.



Joergum is a German Artist, born in 1971. He began drawing when he was around 16 and came to realise he was aroused by illustrationg strict, dominant and fetishistic women. He loves to draw from his own imagination and share his art with the world …

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Valerian de Thorianie

Valerian de Thorianie studied in an art academy in Belgium in 1990. He felt inspired by  American comics such as Marvel or DC Comics but has interests in the old masters like Da Vinci, MichelAngelo, George de La Tour, Braque or Dali as well. As …



Guldor is a Fashion and Latex photographer from the Netherlands. I’m published on a regular basis in international magazines, earning his living as a photographer. You can view more from this photographer on 500Px and Facebook


Frans Mensink

Frans Mensink is a talented pinup artist. You can view more on his website, follow him via Facebook and Deviant Art


Fetish Dreams

Fetish Dreams combines fantasy and fetish in his art. Alice in Wonderland was put on a whole new level.


Tancrede Szekely

Tancrede Szekely is a French based photographer. View more on his facebook page, for non censored photos visit his profile on FetLife.