Photographed by Guldor

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Artwork by GerbArt

Olivia De Berardinis, or simply Olivia (born November 1948) is an American artist who is known for her paintings of women, often referred to as pinup or cheesecake art. She has been working in this genre since the mid-1970s. Since 2004 Olivia has been a monthly contributor to Playboy magazine,See More

Photographed by Paul Brown

Unfortunetely the account at Deviant Art is removed, and so far I could not find a website for this artist.

Laurent Lebau is born in December 1965 at Bagnols Sur Cèze (South France) and he found his vocation for artistic career since his childwood. He never hide his intensive passion for Female Dominance which came early in his teenage and finally. Laurent really became free lancer artist current 1993 whenSee More

Art by James, another artist that has disappeared, I did not create a bio in the first years so I cannot share anything other then the art.

Dave Nestler was one of the very first artists (a long time ago) who granted me permission to showcase some of his art on my site. Many, many years later I gave my husband a very large print from my favorite art from this artist, as a birthday present. TodaySee More

Alessandro Scacchia was born in San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy). He started his artist career in 2001, working as freelance illustrator and comic book artist for publishing companies in Italy. Increasingly distant from conventional comics he focuses on erotic art, celebrating the beauty in female form. His work appears inSee More