Photographer in Marseille, Paris and then Lyon, Michel Charles has definitively returned to Marseille. Since my French is not that good I was unable to make a proper translation, find a bio (in French) here.Continue Reading

Watching his father taking family photos as a child inspired photographer Jesus Coll to step into photographing. It took him some time to find his own way, reading and viewing the work from other photographers helped him to develop his own style. Be sure to visit his website to discoverContinue Reading

John Tisbury specialised in producing sensual, provocative, erotic photography and videography. A word from the photographer: People say my erotic photographs have a stylish, alluring feel allowing the viewer to let their imagination run. Provocative imagery that is enduring and mentally stimulating.Continue Reading

Jean Paul Four is a French photographer living in the city of Lyon who’s been working in the industry since 1978. He did advertising, fashion, glamour, commercial, and artistic work. It is his personal work that really drives him though. This is where he feels totally in command, artistically speaking,Continue Reading

Andy Metal is passionately fond of photography and the human nature attracts him.He likes to capture expression, something special in a face or an attitude, in short the “message” of a person or a group. His strongest tribute goes to women, they never stop seducing him. Be sure to website,Continue Reading

Since a very young age Lickorish enjoys drawing, inspired by the female forms. He works with a variety of media from pen and ink, watercolours, dyes, airbrush, and digital media. Throughout the years many artworks were created, I really like to encourage you to visit his website to view moreContinue Reading

Jëff is a German illustrator, he creates traditional and digital art. Many of his drawings just spring out of his imagination and there are at most references. Many others are a voyage into the original, or as the artist himself mentions: ‘Trying to feel and sense their essence and toContinue Reading

The 3d artworks from Wil are really amazing, be sure to view his portfolio at Deviant Art to view more art in different styles. The art in the gallery on my site were created for a special feature, view more hereContinue Reading