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Gerhard Windisch

Gerhard Windisch (1895 – 1961) was an Austrian artist and photographer. He lived in Leipzig in 1920/1930 and later in Paris. From 1950 he lived in Vienna.

He was an exceptionally talented and obscure European fetish artist who worked during the early 20th century under the pseudonym Alphonse Friaux and Milewsky or Milewski.
The general motif of his work was schoolteachers and governesses exacting corporal punishment on their young charges. His work contains F/m and some F/f art.

Various Vintage Bdsm Art

Those who know a little about me are aware of my love for vintage bdsm and spanking art. I managed to built a very unique collection at Vintage Fetish Art and thought you might perhaps love to see some vintage art you never seen before, or did not know the artist. With every illustration is a link shown to the artists page where you can learn more about him or her.

Bernard Montorgueil

Bernard Montorgueil was the pseudonym of a French BDSM and spanking artist and author of short stories whose works were originally written and published in the 1920s and 1930s (though not much is known about these original versions). Most of his work has femdom-malesub themes.

Bernard Montorgueil is draped in discretion. His work first circulated underground in the 50s, as four series of drawings together with four texts, originally hand written.
In some editions, the illustrations are in black and white, whereas in other editions they are colorized (in watercolors). The black-and-white artwork is original, but the colorization was probably done in the 1970s by an artist employed by one of the republishers.

There are also some books available with his art. There is also a download available with illustrations from the books Barbara, Dressur and Vier Donnerstage

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