The Mangment

it’s the management
here to inform you
your lust has been hacked

we know what your thinking
what you hide
we are all up in your business
like cyber terrorist’s

don’t ruin your life with to much self respect
we are all watching you masturbate
to mamma mia meets a hundred shades of crimson
and fight club blood scum
while you cum
ooooooooh god
holes and poles
like a pig at a trough
praying to be handcuffed and on your knees
sweating and hysterical, a red moon struck fuck face
high on drugs
in a dream better then this life has to offer

life is full of yogas; boner pony position
bouncy bouncy

im the light in your darkness
i know what you do
i want pieces of you, you wont show anyone else
your sickness, is my own
you are my love slave
turning me masochist
who loves to hurt you

who’s the bitch
who’s the switch

your flawless

cry me a river
move a little bit faster and to the left
your anus is a cartoon
shit grinning emoji
bleeding shrieking
fu fu fu fu fucking
your brains running out of your eyes

gimmie all your venom
snuff movie poem’s
ass tongue and bosom
your mouth like hemoglobin jewelry
saliva diamonds

kiss that
you’ll never go back
squealing smooth heat
breathing winds of perfume
love and pain
united by
tragedy and desire
the grotesque and the beautiful
like thirst holds stones

stop crying

you know baby
you look your best on the toilet bowl
a delicious little shitter
that holds me close to life
like a baby to the womb

stop banging on the door
im using this stall
Thank you
The Management

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